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          The First Christian Church building is open for in-person worship. Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

      We will continue to live-stream our services on Facebook, and strongly encourage those in high-risk groups and those who have not been vaccinated to watch safely from home. You can find videos of past services here .

      Peace be with you, and stay safe.

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Bible Study Classes are now being held on Zoom on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

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Prayer List

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Concerns in the Life of Our Church (CHANGES IN RED)


Persons with cancer: 

Allen & Jesse Munoz (Mary’s brother & sister-in-law), Jesse is not doing well, Allen is not taking treatment

Connie Anderson (Judy Shade), starting on chemo

Kyle Rozel (wife Mandy, friends of Lindsay Mutz), cancer returned

Stacy Cochran, looking for new oncologist

Carl Coats (Eileen M.), in clinical trials with NIH in Bethesda, MD, not responding to treatment 10/31

Brenda Carter (Lawrence’s co-worker)

Carol Gilbert, Eileen C’s niece, chemo complete, now taking radiation

Frank Faris, Candy’s friend, liver, treatment completed

Sara’s mother, surgery 8/2, severe reaction to chemo

Joyce Parrish, rare cancer

Cindy Boyd, breast cancer

Seth Samsill, Virginia Walker’s nephew, bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma 11/3

Others with Concerns:

Roger Vance, health and living situation, Roger is living alone

Charles & Jonnie Young, Charles’ health issues, has aneurism and cancer is back (3/21), decisions to make

Bob and Mary                                     

John and Marian and Christie, family decisions 9/19, Marian has fractured leg 10/30, now in rehab, John is at home

Joyce Luna

Connie Pogue, Parkinson's

Alice Cain, Candy’s sister, to Nursing Home 11/3, doing better

Anita Schultz, recovering from back surgery in June, blood clots in lungs.  Also, Lawrence & Heaven

Tammy Jones & family, Norma Weeks (mother), son has medical challenges

Kathy Blackard (Eileen M’s daughter), issues with workplace/employment/housing, slipped and fell 10/10

Charles Atkins (Sonya’s brother-in-law), ALS, in wheelchair, cannot move, talk or swallow, few months left

Hannah Beard, Sonya, gallbladder surgery, 3 more surgeries to repair complications, kidneys still not working ok, home

Randy Kliewer (Sonya’s brother), same knee replaced x3 due to infection; healing nicely 10/24

Sonya, continued pain

Kyle Craig (Reif’s son, Isi’s dad), amazing recovery from strokes, in wheelchair, released from hospital

Wayne Anderson (Eileen M), end-of-life care 7/28

Karen George (Eileen M), sciatica, will have surgery (8/15)

Lisa, 6 teeth pulled, dog, Sissy, died         Rita Rash, Lisa, hip hurts

Chelsea has custody of 1 year old girl and newborn premie boy Bentley, at St Francis, difficulty breathing. Wyatt’s ok  

Pastor Darell

Amanda Hodge, Sue’s cousin, motorcycle accident with multiple injuries, 10/3: healing rapidly 10/17

Josh Chuckluck (Chuck), family issues

Art Hartman, Leslie’s dad, and the family 10/24

Bud Ullrich, Barb’s son-in-law, shoulder surgery 11/5                              Barb still having fluid issues 11/21

Shari Compelobe, Melanie has lump, Dawn is sick, (Lori) 10/31

Connie Sinclair, broken ankle requiring plates and screws to repair, bad sprain on other ankle,  pain improving (11/4)

Christie Hillhouse, Darell, has vertigo 11/3

EG, health concerns

Gary Tanner, Greg & Eileen Crouch, home, doing better

Steve and Karen Mischke’s move to Texas delayed due to Karen’s family’s health issues

Sue Edwards, sciatica 11/18

Patients with COVID-19 [Carl and Mary Walker (Ginny); Carla Sypert (Vince); Shawn McDonald, (Lawrence’s son-in-law), and those who care for them


Deaths: Peace and comfort for the families and friends of those who have passed:  Loretha, sister to the Trammel family

Patients with Covid-19 and those who are caring for them

Our local, state, federal and world leaders for courage and strength to lead and promote peace

Pastor Darell and the church leaders for wisdom and unity

Ministries for all the homeless, hungry, and needy people of Tahlequah

Our church Mobile Food Pantry and Sharing Table: those who partake, and those who contribute


                                    That we will be a beacon to this community