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     We welcome all who feel comfortable attending to our Sunday Worship. We will continue to live-stream our services on the First Christian Church, Tahlequah Facebook page for those who are unable to attend. Peace be with you, and stay safe.

You can find videos of past services here.

First Christian Church, Tahlequah has a new email address:


Bible Study Classes are now being held on Zoom on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Check the Facebook Members' Page for more information.

Prayer List

(You can submit prayer requests here.)

Concerns in the Life of Our Church (CHANGES IN RED)


Persons with cancer: 

Allen Munoz (Mary’s brother)

Carl Coats (Eileen M.), hospice care

Clifford Hobbs (Megan Dorr's dad), cancer returned, stage 4, chemo

Autumn Huntley, Dallas' mother

John Metcalf (Leslie), cancer is back and has spread

Boyd Walker (Candy), tumors on liver 5/9

Sheryl Johnson (Susan), double mastectomy, did well

Robin Salomone (Susan's niece), breast cancer 7/17

Lonnie Barton (Leslie's neighbor), breast cancer 7/17

Connie Anderson (Judy S.), will receive STEM cell transplant (08/14)

Roger Washington (Lisa), cancer is back

Artist Poole's son, rare and aggressive cancer

Eileen Mischke, cancer has returned, getting treatment

Susie Childers (Bob's niece), double mastectomy

Rick Siler (Jarrod's cousin), liver cancer

Those in remission: Cindy Boyd, Terri Vestal, Pastor Darell's markers are stable, Judy H., Donna (Sherry's sister who is Joe & Cathy's neighbor), Laurie

Others with Concerns:

Chronic conditions: Bob and Mary; Joyce Luna; Barbara; John and Marian; Connie Pogue; EG; Donna Rother; Alana Ray (Leslie); Jerry Watson (Susan)

Sciatica: Sonya, Sue Edwards, Karen George (Eileen M), Donna, Vince

Anita Schultz, Lawrence & Heaven

Lisa, asthma, kidney stones; Lisa’s mother, Cindy; Rita Looney, Rita's daughter, Samali; Rose Faucett & family

Devon McDonald (Lawrence's 20-year-old grandson), car accident, brain injury, awake & moving 7/28

Renee Smith (Leslie), new trial medication for MS 7/14, getting married and moving to Honduras as missionary

Frank Kantz (Candy), new recovering alcoholic 8/21

Jerry Dorr and his family, kidney disease

Gary Mayo (Bob's stepson), has dementia

Gina Jackson, torn tendon that has not been healing

Cathy S., upcoming foot surgery

Rev. Tammy Schmidt (1st Presbyterian, Tahlequah), upcoming surgery

Stacy Bizal (Shirley Barnett's daughter), needs healing and comfort

Jonnie Ann Watkins (Paula's cousin), has pneumonia, in hospice care

Melissa Coffron (Judy's daughter-in-law), recovering from surgery

Patients with COVID-19 and those who care for them

Our local, state, federal and world leaders for courage and strength to lead and promote peace

Pastor Darell and the church leaders for wisdom and unity

Ministries for all the homeless, hungry, and needy people of Tahlequah

Our church Mobile Food Pantry and Sharing Table; those who partake, and those who contribute

Global warming and effects on our environment


                                    That we will be a beacon to this community

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